Spring Fever

Please forgive me, I was in the middle of Black History Month and The Arab Spring took up my attention and work efforts. Every day is Black History Month for me so please don't think I'm bailing! Here are a few examples of the reporting I've contributed on Syria.

The Washington Times

Der Tagesspiegel (German)

USA Today

USA Today

This Thursday will mark a year since brave Syrian civilians took to the streets to demand the fall of the Assad dictatorship. Inspired by the revolutions in Egypt and Tunisia, millions walked out of their homes, unarmed, and peacefully demonstrated despite a bloody crackdown by the Syrian government.

The crackdown worsened with each day and last month saw the most horrific massacres committed in the city of Homs. Well over 7500 Syrian civilians have been killed since last March. Countless more have been tortured, raped and left homeless, fleeing to neighboring countries like Turkey and Lebanon.

I helped my son read the top article, about a Berliner with Syrian roots watching the situation from abroad and my son asked me, "Is the United Nations supposed to do something about the bad guys or just count how many people they've killed?"


now a M√ľnchnerin? said...

Rose - Good to have you back. am sure it is hard to explain what is happening to your son.

Rochelle said...

This isn't bailing in my view...but good to have you back